Finished Products

Insomnia Tablet/Sleeping Pills

The Insomnia Tablets are safe in use and can treat the sleeping disorders caused by the lifestyle changes. These have negligible side effects and their dosage must be taken as per the necessity or directed by experts. Usually, these are recommended by the physicians.


The Neuropathic Medicines are known to treat the conditions related to peripheral neuropathy. These are essential to release peripheral neuropathy signs as well as other related symptoms. These function as thenononsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, which can take care even of the mild symptoms.

Weight Loss / Obesity Tablets

The Weight Loss / Obesity Capsules are known to reduce appetite and evade the chances of overeating. These capsules can increase the fat burning and shed many calories. These are safe to use along with a healthy diet.


The Anticancer Medicines are known to inhibit cell division as well as proliferation. These medicines can destroy cancer cells as well as normal cells. These drugs have vital use in chemotherapy. The medicines are highly effective for the treatment of cancerous and malignant disease.


Pharmaceutical medicines are suited for the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of several disease. These are suited for the pharmaceutical industry and are accessible with negligible side-effects.